Starting somewhere

Where and how to start, and whether to start before all books are in, whether to start  before permission has been granted, has been on my mind for a while.

I’ll try an as-if start by browsing through one of the books the title of which you will know (the latest to arrive, today, signed by the author, David Wickes, who I suspect is currently still unaware of this project):

  • “We are only interested in the last twelve hours or so.” [22-230-1]
  • By eight-thirty he had showered  and tucked in a healthy breakfast… [22-116-3]
  • “Christ”, said Jack. [22-222-2]
  • …, and his artful skills on the connubial couch,… [22-213-13]
  • His long hair, full beard, and moustache gave him a new look. [22-213-4]
  • In the country the snow was pure white. [22-213-24]

This is not an attempt to put anything in any order – since all these are from the same source, they should not link up anyway (see rules). Having added position mark-up [book no. – page – line] after the sentences, I am a bit worried that it will break up the flow – but I guess later it can be shown and hidden with CSS.

The strange thing, when re-reading these sentences put here apparently in no particular order, is that something gels, regardless – is that down to some common plain tone of the common source, or was I unknowingly picking and ordering sentences in a way that would create a sketch of sorts?

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