Wichita Falls

0062 (cab, liking Mr Smith)

I watched as the lights changed on Delaware Avenue and the gloomy Victoriana loomed from behind the oak trees. [28-17-20] It’s a fair assumption that a lot of cab drivers – indeed millions of Americans in all walks of life, and including many district attorneys and even journalists (though not me) – own a pistol, and they own them not because they want to kill people but because they feel the need to carry some kind of protection. [15-81-24] As we drove, our taxi driver began to complain about the questionable ethics of following another cab in a manner that indicated he wanted more money. [23-186-18]
“I like you, Mr. Smith.” [18-112-11]
“Nobody likes a smart arse, son. [10-101-13] You don’t perform, you return the money.” [8-68-4]
“I’m sorry, really I am, I didn’t mean it, forget everything I said.” [6-60-2]
Ray Liuzza slowed for the stop sign at Josephine, drifting slowly through it into a left turn, and scanning up ahead to Baronne for a parking space. [14-1-1] There is always somebody in front of you on Bishops Avenue driving too slowly. [5-167-3] He found nothing with Harold Decker’s name on it, but there was only one reputable looking hotel in the town which was beginning to take on the general characteristics of a terminus town: [13-107-30] “The Holcomb Place.” [11-160-23]
“I’m looking for a single room for the night and wondered if you had any.” [31-165-24]
“What do you mean, Bones?” [17-296-31]

0058 (cab, Walmart)

Ray sat quietly, running his thumbs over the steering wheel. [11-135-14] “I like you Mr Smith,” he said again. [18-112-25] “You’ll be staying in my sister’s place in Tribeca.” [2-286-9]
“Not bloody likely.” [10-101-19]
“What about that promise to feed me?” [8-155-13]
“You thought I wasn’t going to, didn’t you?” [6-60-10]
There’s no turning back now. [13-129-5] I’ve seen no children in the streets since we came. [26-37-11] We drove round Buffalo for hours, stopping at Held’s bakery for a two-pound bag of sugar cookies and at Russell’s Tastee Shopper for a gallon of milk. [28-145-17] A thick layer of putrid air encased the city. [5-167-16] in the midst of darkness, there was a voice – distant at first, then closer. [17-234-35]

0115 (surprise fuck)

A very young woman in a man’s shirt appeared at the entrance to the living room, looked at Nikki, and said “Hi.” [11-201-24]
I’m getting all excited, I don’t know why. [26-49-18] Who was she? [24-24-9] I was so low, and sick of all this death and depression and destruction and mourning and anyway it was a warm day and my most randy time of the month and I just felt I had to affirm life at once then and there. [26-52-25] “I would like to make love to you.” [8-63-33]
“Very well,” she conceded, [17-203-37] jaws slack with lust. [2-186-30] “I’m nice and clean, but you’re all grimy and buggy.” [21-312-18] She lifted her left foot and placed it further astride, [2-154-40] releasing a twist of smoke that disappeared into the grey. [28-102-21]
I felt the pressure of engorgement. [5-21-25] That smouldering little mound of sparks, deep in my soul, that started with Zac, suddenly explodes, and a kind of golden strength courses through my body, making my fingers tingling, making me almost shout for joy. [29-77-22]

0065 (evidence in rectum)

Not being me was a relief [28-4-5] – I’m fed up with myself. [26-53-10] “I need someone to wash my back.” [11-244-30]
The weird power is still flowing, but quieter, after the initial burst, it’s steadier, making me strong, but without the sparkling, all fireworks blazing feeling. [29-77-15] She was an outrageously attractive woman. [24-133-16] The fact that she was not wearing a bra would be betrayed by prominent nipples that disturbed the sweep of a skin-tight T-Shirt. [5-17-1] She also smelled sweetly. [8-103-9]
Mr. Lloyd came to the East Building and examined Sullivan but could find no evidence of anything on his rectum. [4-207-39] We were all together in the living room, Bill Casale quiet in his corner, Cathy and I on the sofa, Hal sitting tense on the edge of an armchair. [18-141-6] I could smell peanut butter and jelly on his breath. [20-153-9]

0092 (perfumy smell)

I haven’t been out in the fields much. [4-215-10] Some kind of perfumy smell; [11-216-25] it stayed that way until the release button was pushed. [21-77-14] Oddly, this treatment usually seemed to aggravate the man’s passion, sometimes to the point of prematurity. [8-65-34]
His jaw had dropped open and locked, his tongue had curled back in his mouth, and without his false teeth his face looked totally different, quite apart from the colour. [26-68-20]
Overhead, the clear night sky was strewn with thousands of curious eyes, shining in intriguing patterns and constellations…none familiar. [17-234-31]

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