Doing time

0036 (visitor’s room)

We were sitting in the Visitors’ Room in the Winston City Jail, a buggy-whip era clink that took up half of the basement of City Hall. [18-136-5] Everything here is very white, very clean. [28-10-11] The security chimes rang, signaling someone wished admittance. [21-325-27]
“Vot izvoltye,” said the man, softly, speaking in Russian. [2-18-9] “Now come on, make it easy on yourself. Tell us what really happened.” [16-18-9]
“I’d prefer not to.” [11-137-8] I swallowed, and waited for the next question. [5-192-19]
“He’s got a conscience. [13-38-7] I don’t care whether he gibbers like an ape or eats his own excrement.” [8-179-10]

0087 (interrogation)

“I’m a criminal, remember. I’m in no rush to go to any authorities. [23-237-11] I try to keep a low profile.” [12-22-15]
“Man,” he said, “you look like ET.” [20-132-11]
I suddenly hated him. [26-68-24] “Wait. [24-31-28] What’s my position – legally?” [11-93-15]
“Do I have your attention, I asked you”, [13-182-17] he began with an undertone of fury. [21-257-9]
“I hoped you would. [8-224-26] Never once did I ever hit her with my fist, ever. [3-247-1]
“I intend to do my best, Sir. [10-174-11] If I had the faintest idea I would have told the police.” [5-192-16]

0037 (musings on power)

I had plenty of time, and plenty of uncomfortable notions to think about. [18-127-3] I had been refused permission to leave, denied access to a telephone, denied access to contact both friends and family and – worst of all – denied legal representation. [16-19-11] I filed several writs but I don’t believe my mail is going out. [4-213-46]
These men cannot do me harm. [20-152-28] They won’t harm me, I am sure. [27-210-14] I’ll be quite blunt. [11-226-1] You may not be able to prove the existence of society, but you can see its power, anyway. [8-191-19] Power corrupts, lack of power corrupts. [3-97-19] It ain’t a matter to be taken lightly. [13-123-14] We condemn the very process that got us here in the first place. [5-193-27] There are no newspapers here. [23-4-17]

0041 (prion work regime)

“We start work out here by 7:00 sharp. [11-57-22] Now come with me. [13-183-15] We’ll soon get you used to prison life and terminology.” [16-110-4]
The reason they refused to go to work was because they had maintained that they had been fed pink pork or at least defective pork which made them sick, gave them diarrhea and cramps. [4-217-10] Society is merely everybody else, and it is impossible to owe everybody anything. [8-191-7]

0038 (help from Swannie)

We all need others. [3-96-27] Swannie was an expert on how to survive in prison and the laws of the jungle. [16-72-29] He got to his feet, paced nervously back and forth in the small room, his arms swinging with nervous tension at his sides. [18-138-10] He sat down in his armchair, rubbed his upper thighs with both hands and said, “Hey, Jo! [5-153-17] You was damn lucky to ever see the free side of life I can damn well tell you that [4-177-17] …and don’t speak except a coupla words that mean nothing, OK?” [2-287-9]
“Except where?” [27-35-1]
There were two small cots in the room and two straight chairs beside a small table. [13-132-13] A pair of work boots sat in the middle of the only decent chair in the room. [11-56-22] He tossed the butt of his cigarette onto the dirt floor of the shack, stood up, and moved to the small table across the room. [13-122-24]

0034 (Bruce)

Bruce came to me early this morning, looking haggard and worried. [11-56-31] On February 14, 1960 the yard man had me and some of the other short hairs up in 1 barracks cleaning it up a little. [4-177-47] Luton wanted as much help as he could get. [13-117-7]
“You should have sent me,” said Ramsay, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. [2-430-29]
“Yes but their work is all so meaningless.” [5-33-1]

0039 (smarter)

Since Swannie’s departure from the ward I had kept myself in voluntary isolation from the other cons, only allowing myself the luxury of conversation when it was offered to me. [16-76-26]
“Hi boys, I’m Axel, are any of you guys looking for some action?” [31-144-26]
“You’re lying. [24-25-6]
So I was just a little smarter than I was the first trip so I spoke up and I said: “I’m a punk mobber.” [4-177-40] Alf looked a little older, but otherwise pretty much the same. [13-123-29] It was an inner nod to another piece in a gruesome puzzle. [11-158-17]

0040 (learning the ropes)

Lois counted the money, found it five short; some acrimony ensued, and Harry finally handed her another bill. [8-67-9]
“Listen real good. [13-182-36] If you don’t go for what I say just stick around a while and you can damn sure find out.” [4-177-42] There then followed an uncomfortable silence, during which I felt utterly misplaced. [5-103-20]
Whoever was on the other end sounded convincing to him, so Bruce decided to hear the men out. [11-57-28]

0032 (punk row)

“They told the convict that was in charge of 4 barracks to put me on Punk Row. [4-177-17] Jeezus H. Christ. [11-214-26] I was sitting there hoping that you were going to arrive soon.” [5-151-21]
“Do you see this?” he said. [13-182-22] “Dugumbe forbids it all.” [23-4-18]

0043 (work and disease)

I’d come in from work because I got a bad sinus problem and my back was bothering me. [4-214-10] To hell with the others. [13-94-19] The world became grainy, like an over-enlarged photograph. [5-178-15]

0008 (nutter, drugged)

This man in the cell with me, the one who don’t talk, he needs to be in a mental institution. [4-213-28]
“Good thing you decided to give him an extra dose of Demerol.” [22-103-16]
“We got her pinned down after a while, but then she took us.” [11-214-7]
So obviously a clever, good man, who would die in a hospital bed, hardly conscious on account of generous doses of morphine… [5-81-20] Would that be such a bad thing? [24-262-18] It must still be pretty painful. [9-7-20]

0014 (nutter, musings)

“Drugged, I suppose. [9-7-20] He’s full of tubes.” [11-215-9] I changed the subject. [5-55-12] Why, let the stricken deer go weep, / The heart ungalled play; / For some must watch, while some must sleep: / So runs the world away. [13-122-10]

0089 (break-out?)

Then one day Capt. Floyd sent for me to come up to his office. [4-178-38] To gain access to the farmland we had to step over a wire fence that was clearly intended to exclude the public. [5-33-32]