0120 (my office)

The office, or what I euphemistically called the office, was located just off Camberwell Road. [5-116-22] The drab floor was partly partitioned into four areas, in each of which were two or three desks. [2-13-19] Black men and women bundled in coats and jackets against the cold of an unheated interior are busy with telephones, paperwork, or huddling in earnest conferences and barely take time to acknowledge new arrivals or departures. [15-170-1] Some of the boys out there are still loyal to me and to Mr. Milam. [13-121-14]
Colfax had spent the night at the office, sleeping on a lumpy studio couch in his underwear. [8-9-15] He made more that $30.000 a year. [20-32-7]
By the standards of modern capitalism I had a good life, one graced by both money and professional respect. [23-6-11] There was a note from Cathy on the kitchen table, telling me to make my own breakfast, to come over for dinner around six, and to try to keep from getting myself killed. [18-12-1] I managed to find a few slices of stale bread and a small tin of baked beans. [16-9-12] The phone rang. [11-96-15]

0068 (well-connected communist)

I don’t spend much of my time in the office, so the phone company hooked up an arrangement whereby Ron’s secretary, Jex, can take my calls when I’m not around. [18-12-23]
The room was clean and airy, the table and chairs illuminated by natural light from a large window at one end. [16-248-14] Thea lounged comfortably in the high-backed chair, one elbow resting on the briefing room table. [17-202-31] She seemed to be a type of communist and usually managed when in his presence to bring up the subject of the alleged brutality of the police. [8-9-33] “And you are?” she asked in perfect English. [31-164-12]
Cleary smiled. “Baby, you forgot to tell me you were fucking him.” [2-213-8]
“The system is finished. [15-167-16] A copy,” she said. [21-257-17]
I tried no to look, but her image and mine were reflected in the huge mirror behind the counter. [28-99-19]
“Consider me educated,” he said with another hint of a smile in his voice. [24-31-7]
I recalled instantly that she was the wife of a certain John Price, who’d be one of the movie and theme-park industry’s leading special effects wizards until he’d been murdered outside his New York apartment building a few days earlier. [23-6-11]
I told him how imperative it was that we gain access to the site. [11-98-21] He looked at me, wounded. [20-53-2]

0122 (smashed interior, telephone call)

The interior looked as if it had been attacked by a giant beast from a horror movie. [6-28-11] I picked up a few pieces of the china and silver: very elegant and very old. [23-53-11]
“Sdec swear they didn’t do it,” said Jardine. [2-145-1]
The phone rang. [11-222-5] Oh the impertinence of the ‘phone. [26-26-11]
It was Tierney who took the call. [8-21-1] “Can I help you?” His voice was surprisingly strong and clear. [27-71-6]
“Stop with the jokes. [24-264-12] The investigation needs to be given a chance to move forward. [10-126-23] All this other stuff is not relevant.” [15-152-36]
I hung up, trying to figure out what that was all about, made a notation on the telephone slip, put it in my pocket with the other one, and locked myself out of my office.[18-16-13]

0102 (weapon checks)

With his usual thoroughness, Colfax ordered checks on two thousand shotguns in Accrington and made plans for his men to interview nearly every man in the town. [16-207-5] I don’t know if there was a plan, I don’t think so. [15-199-1] And Wiscynsky had asked what was the problem and Joe Cleary had told him the bare bones of his investigation, without giving anything away. [2-315-25] There was plenty of physical evidence to be getting on with, but one of the first jobs was going to be to eliminate Abaline’s unwanted fingerprints from some of the murder scene items. [10-127-5] The fingerprints on the screwdriver were smeared and unidentifiable; no latent prints had been turned up; detectives were canvassing the neighborhood, results negative thus far, the routine et cetera. [8-10-21]

0140 (weapons found, the ‘system’)

The search of Harrison’s house turned up two guns, one of which was a .357 that matched Funk’s description of the gun he had sold. [14-33-15] Then there was a pistol [13-8-2] and a shitload of ammo to go with it. [24-298-13] It was a stubby .32 revolver, the best thing for close-up targets. [18-2-10]
His son had married a small dark girl whom Colfax did not like. [8-9-33] I followed them down the stairs and Dave turned and winked as he left. [5-129-34] For a moment the woman stood in the centre of the room, straightening out her crumpled skirt and playing with her hair. [31-164-9] “How did you know he was a…” [2-213-32]
“A… what?” [21-257-16] Colfax groaned. [13-101-8] Talking about “the System” as some kind of evil entity was passé. [15-167-16] I didn’t use the term and saw no need for a special word – the matter seemed obvious. [1-92-26] The less the system learned about me, my feelings and my life, the more I liked it. [16-183-28]

0004 (coffee and eggs)

“I need something to wash them down with,” I said, heading towards Lewis and the bar. [12-67-13] I’d left Cathy’s a little after one, and now I was sitting at the counter in the New Electric Diner, eating a ham sandwich and talking with Al, the night apron-man. [18-1-1] The smell of coffee could have put you on your back. [25-198-30] Press and radio reports buzzed with details of Operation Belgium, as more than 200 officers had been involved in dawn swoops on thirty homes , all acting on information from Scott. [16-244-28] Dave placed a hand on my right shoulder, to steady himself. [5-20-23] Without saying any of the usual polite greetings, he slid into the empty counter seat beside me. [28-100-14]
Al released a long, moaning breath. [8-12-40] “I wasn’t joking. [24-264-13] That was what you wanted, wasn’t it? Coffee?” [7-50-22]
“Thanks. [2-316-26] Let’s carry our plates in and watch, okay?” [20-187-4] He saw no reason to stink out the station with the greasy odours of fried bacon, sausages and eggs. [10-68-11]
Believe it or not, [15-198-17] he devoured a three egg omelet, loaded with cheese, mushrooms, bacon, and chives, along with six slices of whole wheat toast. [22-142-4] It was the only place nearby where you could get them with the yolk in the correctly running state. [9-5-30]
“You have to keep those thought-wheels well oiled and in perfect working order.” [17-3-26] He drank the last of his coffee, held the cup up about eye level, and looked toward the waiter behind the bar. [13-1-6]
“What do you know about Amanda Mercer Piersol?” [11-134-17]
“So she seduces him – he’s already drunk so it’s no big trick – lures him outside into the alley, drugs him, hauls him to this dive of a hotel.” [24-31-11]

0001 (who is closest?)

There was a manila envelope on Michael’s chair when he walked into his office. [14-315-1] Tony Semprino picked up the file inside, labelled ‘Boop/Betty’ and started to read. [2-317-13] The letter inside was signed Terry Samuelson. [18-32-31] Briefings that included these people only ever happened when the shit had already, or was about to, hit the revolving blades. [25-199-6]
“But let’s investigate, shall we?” [23-58-7]
Peter leant forward and took hold of the two letters held out by Jason. [10-240-10]
I looked at my watch. [20-88-3] For the first hour neither man spoke. [7-40-1] My stomach was telling me I was very hungry. [16-9-12]
“Who is closest to Knowles?” [11-89-21]
“You tell me,” Tookey said. [12-93-5]
“Will you tell us what you know?” [26-54-31]
“I’m afraid that will not be possible.” [27-200-7]
“Why?” Colfax on general principles disliked any publicity whatsoever. [8-139-12] “Do I have to tell you every little move to make?” [13-63-21]
“I have a feeling I can tell you exactly what he looks like.” [24-31-28] He poured an ounce and a half into a sifter and headed to Eric’s den, sat down and started making notes on everything that had transpired since early evening. [22-20-20]
The telephone rang. [21-232-20] McLaren was at his desk, eating a fried egg sandwich from Sid’s coffee-stall at Shepherd’s Bush Market. [9-5-27] “I haven’t had breakfast yet,” he began, finding an excuse he needed. [17-3-23]
I don’t know, [15-199-2] I did nothing that would be considered illegal; however, ultimately, I was almost certainly in the employ of criminals. [5-115-24]

0002 (argument, decorum)

I watched Duane’s eyes; [28-62-14] I always watched him very carefully. [5-119-19] He was about halfway through his breakfast, the same thing he always ordered. [13-1-3]
“For Chrissake, Lloyd, not over your reports.” [9-6-1]
Lloyd failed to get out an answer before his indignation evaporated. [8-72-18] By this time Joe needed to take a leak like real badly, but things were moving in the right direction. [2-316-30]
“At least this is on company time, not mine,” said George. [22-151-16]
“Isn’t it supposed to be the other way round, Jerry?” she wondered. [17-4-33]
Jerry knew it was really the other way round. [14-49-26]
Bob’s idea was to upstage the Mail‘s trickery by taking legitimate photographs and a cover story. [16-262-20] “I got a hint on that from the Mercer Gazette, of course. [11-166-16] I don’t know if it was just an oversight as much as I don’t think I knew at that time.” [15-200-1]
The argument around the table continued, eventually prompting Tressalian to hold up his hands: “Decorum, gentlemen, please. [23-55-17] Let me harmonize your affections with your reason and reconcile them with the interests of your senses.” [26-26-14]
I couldn’t stop the number 4 from appearing in my brain. [20-87-7] Well, take it times two, buddy. [24-191-23]

0069 (bullets, Donnie, note-taking)

We’d gone through two boxes of bullets. [28-62-18] Slowly I relaxed a little. [1-161-28] The THAAD boys have never managed to hit anything intentionally. [23-100-6] “The bullet was in fact, probably a .38 caliber, not a .44 caliber.” [15-200-25]
Pete said, “That’s real interesting Mr. – What did you say your name was?” [18-4-11]
“Donnie Clay,” Jobeth said. [11-135-28]
“Who’s Donnie?” I asked, somewhat casually. [5-114-11] Then another 4 appeared, and I lost the thread of my thought. [20-87-16]
“We’re really getting into Hans Andersen country now,” Slider said impatiently. [9-98-13]
Michael pulled out a yellow legal pad and a pen and started taking notes. [14-316-11] “Do the decent thing, Andy. [8-13-32] You’ll never convince me you’re gay [21-257-12] because you were hotdogging.” [24-25-16]
“I’m becoming one at this rate.” [26-26-12]
“But … can we agree to … well … compare notes over those days?” [17-4-29]
The four-page statement took seventy-seven minutes to jot down. [16-247-7]

0100 (searching for evidence)

Lloyd ate a plate of scrambled eggs which to anyone else might have resembled a boiled pigskin glove, and a cairn of french fries more grease than potato, but he thought them very good indeed, and said as much to the girl cashier as he paid the check. [8-63-18] “No wonder I have no hair left,” he patted the top of his bald head. [25-112-5]
A team of detectives set to work searching for cues. [6-29-25] They consisted of DC Adrian Myers, DC Alesandro Rossi, DC Debbie Boxer, DC Anastasia Pearl, DC Gerry Fleck, DS Parick Kennedy and DS Carl Kramer. [10-61-18] Salinas, Smith, Wojohowitz, Brimmer, Johnson and Crenshaw had left over twenty minutes ago. [24-93-13]
At the time of the crime, inside Nicole’s residence, there were at least four unexamined clocks: (1) candles burning; (2) bubble bath water cooling; (3) a CD playimg; (4) ice cream melting in a cup. [3-48-15] A dandy series of items. [18-140-17] They were scrolling across my retina on a film reel that counts down from ten until the movie begins, but every frame had the number 4, and it didn’t stop. [20-87-8] And they had the evidence locker’s card for the armed robbery, which showed a single left-footed FootJoy tennis shoe with blood on it and a piece of ‘victim’s right pant leg, w/ blood.’ [14-253-16]
“Was it with this outfit?” asked Joe Cleary, leaning forward to examine the photo. [2-316-7]
“No, not conventionally good-looking, but what a clear and defined, a complete person looks out at you.” [26-48-22]
“I have no idea why this photo was included along with the OSD files,” Eva said over Mike’s shoulder. [24-157-1]
“Did you know yourself what your role was to be?” [15-205-31]
“Now listen here,” he began defensively. [17-232-6] His face got all loose and shaky, like unmolded jello. [28-63-16]
Home Office pathologist Dr Brian Beeson, based at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, made a lengthy report. [16-31-10]

0003 (using the John)

“And you know who? [5-42-15] Describe him to me.” [24-31-28]
For almost a full and very awkward minute neither Malcolm nor I spoke; then he said, very quietly and a bit contritely, “I know all this must sound odd. [23-132-6] What are you going to do?” [26-54-14]
“Jimmy Creed? [11-135-17] I really would like to meet him as I have quite a few questions to ask,” I said angrily. [16-223-17]
Ron interrupted, saying, “What do you people get out of this?” [18-35-6]
“If you want to use the John,” he said, without looking up, “it’s out the door and third door on the left.” [2-317-15]
“You’re serious about this thing.” [13-134-3]
Tazol studied the printout of his orders as a devious smile came to his face. [17-66-14] Better to get what information he could as quickly as possible. [14-8-23] Instead, he doodled, drew a picture that eventually came to represent a bourgeois living room with flowered curtains, tiny lamp on an endtable, plump couch. [8-26-5]
At one point, she pulled up her sleeve to show that she was wearing two watches. [3-133-14]“May I have a copy of those notes, Mr Weinglass?” [15-201-27]
Jake stopped her by gently placing a finger lightly on her lips. [25-107-24] There was a marker on the surface. [22-104-5] He took the pad from her, wrote a word, then quickly marked through it several times. [21-190-15]
At two that afternoon I finished what I was working on and asked Jerome to send me what they had. [20-213-10]

0015 (the report)

“Look at that handwriting! [26-48-19] What kind of squiggles are those?” a familiar voice asked as Investigator Davis moved close to her side and squinted down at her notes. [21-57-10] There were typed versions of the handwritten notes, listing the same evidence. [14-253-15]
“If you have the notes turn them over. [15-201-38] Joe, do you have copies of any of those faxes?” [2-317-8]
Non, Gideon,” Julien Fouché said said as he wrapped one meaty hand around a small espresso cup. [23-61-32] He pushed a stack of files to the edge of his desk and grinned into into the phone. [11-89-5] God knew he didn’t need any more open files. [14-8-224] He never planned it this way. [5-117-17] Normally he would commit information like this to memory but he decided to set up a diary. [22-135-2]
I made some revisions, combined our two parts into a single document, and sent it back to Jerome, so he and the others could put it in the proper format for filing. [20-213-19]
Metcalfe said: “I just thought you might recall the old joke of the sergeant and a buck private he had ordered to ‘fire at will'”. [8-250-23]

“That’s what he said,” said Joe Dun. [13-62-1] “Remember the Colombian drug lords or the four non-African-Americans in stocking caps and everybody laughed?” [3-98-20]
“An officer’s always right.” [4-19-4]
Ron gave my ankle a light kick, to ask me if I’d caught the joke. [18-35-30] “Would you repeat what you just said, Doctor?” he requested. [17-62-30]
“I don’t want to hear any more of that crap, Roger.” [16-223-36] I was relieved when the meeting ended. [16-183-23]

0146 (reconstruction)

This is what might have been. [3-98-13]

0007 (Lloyd’s new philosophy)

Then Llloyd developed a new philosophy. [12-1-15] You live and learn, he told himself. [13-104-30] Things are not what they seem to be. [5-27-4] Suddenly the words of Jesus came to memory, Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am also. [16-299-27] Does anything appear to be missing? [23-57-4] Never before and not since had he approached so closely to an Absolute Realization: the first AR, which would be known in the records as AR1, for this was a science, and Lloyd knew he was only a forerunner, a kind of Archimedes, of the great Realizers to come. [8-62-37] He bent over and put his ear next to a sandwich he had built, the way you lean toward someone who’s whispering. [20-153-1]
Pike had been thinking along the same lines as Lloyd. [7-106-1] He narrowed his eyes, thinking over the acronym. [21-271-10] “At first we thought it was somebody’s idea of a bad joke; but the orders are confirmed as genuine.” [17-182-18] He paused, one finger raised to let us know that he had made only a part of the point. [18-33-36] “Are you sure you don’t want a fresh cup?” [2-317-27]
He had a strange, semi-castrato, counter-tenor voice and a Mancunian accent – [9-6-22] a pleasant departure from the guttural Arabic or Farsi contacts she so often dealt with. [24-30-24]
“What makes you think you’re any good?” [26-26-23]
“I’ve heard if you wake up a British person in the middle of the night, they talk just like that. [11-166-10] It’s called “signifying’.” [3-98-19]
“Translate that for me, Don.” [22-19-4]
I turned to Coral and said, “These are definitely weirdos.” [16-224-1]
When the meeting was over and we moved out into the streets, we ran into elephants, camels, horses – the circus had just come to town. [1-161-4] The bright sunlight was an assault, a smack in the face. [28-187-4]