0042 clinic rehasch, cynicism)

The first job I went on was a rehash of a clinic I had made back in the fifties, and it went so good I went back to it for a rehash [4-223-51] – some three weeks before I worked out the settlement with Summers. [11-230-12] It was pretty much the same story as the last time; [28-2-17]
We were in the parking lot, going into the car. [15-145-24] There was some dim external lighting but no evidence of alarms or trip wires. [31-99-10] I felt like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. [20-152-17] Dinner lay like wet cotton in my stomach, and cigarettes tasted like cardboard. [18-140-17]
“Can you guess why we’re here?” [2-390-2]
“Is this going to be any different?” [21-257-6] She had also developed a cynicism, an edge to her voice. [8-69-22]
And apparently he said, no way. [5-135-27]

0013 (driving, bad friends)

Driving a car is a good way to work off steam, at least for me. [18-10-6] It was August twenty-second – [4-217-39] a strip mall off Guelph Line in an older section of the city. [19-56-19] With the days getting shorter, you knew winter was not far away. [22-55-1] An illuminated Exxon sign stood against the hazy border of the night sky like a light house. [11-181-14]
I had made the acquaintance of one or two individuals of questionable reputation who not only recognized my gifts but were willing to pay me for them. [5-115-10] They kept being persistent, pushing it. [15-49-34]
He sometimes showed off, saying he could chop a man down with one blow. [16-26-17]
When unemployed as a Thespian she would for payment allow a man, often a total stranger, to caress her intimately and eventually thrust himself inside one of her body openings. [8-64-17] ‘Picturesquely desperate’ was how she described it. [28-18-19]

0012 (kicking ass)

The flat I shared with a friend was in disarray, but that could wait for a cleaning blitz at the weekend. [16-9-6] Christina had just returned from Les Halles, where she had bought a leg of lamb, two kilos of mergu├ęz, spicy North African sausages, and fresh vegetables. [2-141-12] Cathy was glum and silent because she was still somewhat mad at me on general principles, and I was glum and silent because I had a hell of a lot to think about and very little of it was cheery. [18-140-3] When she returned to the bedroom to make up her face in the mirror at the foot of the bed his face was reflected smiling as sweetly as a child. [6-89-25]
“Kick those punks’ ass, and make it good.” [4-222-3]
That’s when I saw the splotches of red on the mirror. [28-3-5]
“That’s a very risky thing to do. [19-205-8] They have no, no – ” Tierney struggled for an idiom, his iron claw deeply in her tender shoulder muscles. [8-80-3] He fingered a loose fold of her gown, which happened to be on her stomach, where the fabric was a little bunched. [21-173-13]
“And then stop to grind his head into the earth.” [5-73-26]
“Oh, fucking wonderful. [11-181-30] I don’t agree with this.” [15-61-22]

0025 (needlework)

“I’m not doing needlework,” he said. [27-203-3] “The guy’s out cold from the Demerol, so don’t get jumpy.” [22-87-5]
“Jesus never failed me yet.” [5-186-15] A thin line of warm blood was trickling from the corner of his mouth, through the stubble of his chin onto his neck. [7-31-34]
Examining the marks, I caught a reflection of myself framed by the blood. [28-3-15] Betty nodded dumbly, nostalgic for his torturer’s hand as soon as he withdrew it, though her shoulder still chanted with pain. [8-80-11]
“Doctor’s orders,” she repeated, chest heaving almost painfully. [17-169-33] “I expect we can patch it up.” [11-161-22]

0047 (failure, laminated map)

I checked the usual spots. [28-3-1] So I have failed, I thought. [8-188-21] This was a major fuck-up. [2-430-22] Typically, the stairs were littered with individuals, and I was the cause of considerable annoyance; several people had to stand so that I could pass. [5-125-30]
‘How much longer do you think we’re going to be stuck with this assignment?’ he asked, rubbing his eyes. [17-4-14] He looked up at the laminated county map, traced Pepper’s Ferry road across I-81, hissing a sort of tuneless melody under his breath. [11-160-13]

0055 (captured by police)

I was planning on going to see Doris on the day the police came to get me. [20-96-12] It was then that she’d felt the electricity, ‘the vibrations’ as she called them. [28-7-19] Armed officers were on stand-by as doors were kicked in and suspects were hauled bleary-eyed from their beds. [16-247-31] She’s undoubtedly seen many episodes of The Young and the Restless and understands the ethics of such things. [11-186-30]
The room-service waiter showed up with the beer and club sandwiches. [8-69-14] I had often wondered, before that moment, at the patience of insects. [5-182-2]

0067 (bowling alley)

The general nodded to one of his officers, who led us to a doorway behind the bowling alley’s shoe rental counter. [23-195-21] They were probably malnourished, badly paid and unfit but nonetheless, potentially dangerous and unpredictable. [31-99-6]
“You’re going to stab him with a needle?” [27-203-7]
“The boys are taking their sweet time. [24-92-3] We could inject Scotophobin and induce a fear of the dark.” [26-61-22]
The bastard. [11-218-21] My legs were like jelly and my stomach seemed to disappear. [16-44-4] This scenario was almost identical to the one the day before, but things had changed so much that she didn’t feel as if she was even the same person. [21-229-2] How could any time in Angola be a good thing? [14-187-9] It’s an opportunity to see hagiography in action. [5-38-27] I therefore must warn him at the outset to expect the worst. [8-192-10]

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