0048 (headquarter communication system)

The walls in the storefront headquarters at 1928 Columbia Ave. are painted black and plastered with revolutionary posters. [15-169-39] Their personnel always entered through the underground car park and down to their secure area. [25-198-13] Plywood floor, open rafters, and wall studs. [24-329-12] A sign pointed up the stairs: ‘Exhibition areas’. [27-62-5]
On asking around I discovered that Slayton had ensconced himself in the compound’s communications monitoring room. [23-113-10] The woman behind the counter was named Barbie. [11-97-15] I was given a yellow slip and an orange card [12-16-17] Typed on the face of it was my full name, Timothy E. Smith. [18-32-29]
About forty years old, the basic system was virtually unchanged, for nobody had come up with a safer way of sending secret messages. [2-183-13]
“The lid is really a part of the scanner,” she said, nodding towards the case. [21-76-13] Richardson shrugged as he mechanically checked the sensors, finding absolutely nothing out of the ordinary for what felt like the hundredth day in a row. [17-4-24] He ran his hand up and down his ponytail. [28-105-2] When he began to talk about Star Trek I knew that I had found my level [5-128-17] – more than likely brought on by over exposure to alcohol, I dare say. [10-84-20]
“I try to answer needs, not cater to boundless appetites – [8-226-14] or not.” [24-22-22]

0052 (five envelopes)

“At the moment we appear to have a little hostage situation.” [24-30-16]
The lights danced, and information flashed on the three-by-two-inch screen. [21-87-6] Dave, cognisant of my sudden transformation, now felt at liberty to divulge the more technical aspects of his arcane knowledge, [5-22-19] and produced a bundle of about five envelopes, each neatly addressed to someone called R. Bicerkovic, in Tufnell Park, London. [2-9-40] He took my yellow slip and orange card. [12-17-15] “Here,” he said. “Take a look at this one.” [13-49-26]
He reached into his suit-coat pocket and brought out a batch of business-size envelopes. [18-32-25]
“Gentlemen, I give you exhibit A.” [10-85-19]
“That’s it?” [24-22-9] Nothing ghoulish, no dripping globs of red, just a subtle smudge, a fingerprint. [28-2-17]
“I suppose you’ll want to see him when he is ready?” [26-68-5]
“Coordinate block D-8. [11-146-35] Our guy is across in four-twelve.” [8-64-39]

0090 (the specimen)

I read it twice, then folded it, put it back into its envelope, and said to Masetti, “Can I keep this?” [18-33-5]
“Sure,” he replied. [2-101-10] “One condition.” [13-108-26] He pulled his hand out of the pouch and clutched a screw top, glass specimen tube, approximately six inches in length, by one inch in circumference. [10-85-14]
“Did you say four-twelve?” Lois asked Harry. [8-67-11] “He says A. [1-145-20] Do you think initials would do?” [27-203-18]

0117 (OMG)

“Oh my God – [11-208-5] Oh Christ Oh Christ Oh Christ.” [2-2-35] Nothing more. [5-29-20]
“That’s seven,” she said. [21-188-8]
“We’re dealing with one hell of a sick bastard here.” [10-87-3]
“That’s what I thought.” [12-93-11]
“That’s the first time you have mentioned God. [8-176-13] Don’t forget why we are here.” [28-8-12]
I had a pair of tennis shoes on, I remember. [4-187-40] Green’s wrists were cuffed and chained to a leather belt around his waist. [20-153-20] He was tightly gagged and strapped into a heavy wooden chair, with his ankles tied firmly to the chair’s front legs. [23-195-25] There was no part of his body that could be considered dry. [25-180-4]
A few inches above the knees, a cable was tied in figure-of-eight fashion, completely immobilizing movement of the thighs. [16-28-11] Whoever this was, he was thorough. [22-22-18]

0061 (thoroughly tied)

“So much for plan A. [24-22-26] What a lousy way to start the day.” [11-204-4]
The room was brightly, even harshly illuminated, but no more over his chair than any other. [8-154-29] It was smaller than the room at the base of the tower, but with a heigh ceiling. [27-65-20] July heat seeped through the walls, searing an suffocating in the stagnant air. [24-329-6] Cardboard cartons of half-eaten pizza and pastrami on rye littered the desk top. [2-293-29] Starting at the bottom, the victim’s ankles were pinned together with an 18-inch red tie, fastened in a tight granny knot. [16-28-8] His legs had been pulled up behind him and folded down so that the heels of his boots pressed into his flesh. [7-71-25] His action sent him deeper yet, into the realm of discomfort. [21-253-19] The knee-high boots were worn but well oiled. [13-1-20 ]
The tape used to bind Joseph’s hands together had been narrowed down to electrical insulation tape, though it was a common material and so matching it to a specific person or shop was a none starter. [10-66-32]

0050 (merits of society)

There is of course no proof that society exists, except as a meaningless term signifying the human beings who live in a certain place and time. [8-191-5] I could be easily convinced of the merits of almost any view. [1-145-9] How many times have I said things were OK, great, fine, when they were blatantly not! [5-129-19] Here, there was a silk neckerchief, again in a figure-of-eight, the first loop tied in a granny knot, the second with a reef knot. [16-28-17]
“He won’t be going nowhere.’ [7-72-12]
The drip, drip, drip of water into the stainless steel sink sounded like little rubber balls bouncing off tin. [11-66-19]
“So what do we do, Sarge?” [13-87-25] He worked a small piece of tape loose at his mouth and with one swift jerk, removed it. [22-41-14] Together they finished searching Luttrell’s body, and found some folded present-time currency sewn into the lining of his black jacket. [21-113-16]

0054 (ideas not original)

“Yeah,” he said. “Thank you. [13-64-29] Your ideas are not terribly original, [8-186-29] but a cure must be found.” [17-64-9] He handed the orange card back. [12-17-15]
“What do you think I got in here?” [5-119-27]

0053 (strange work-out)

After an hour’s lunch break, Potts said: “We’ve been looking at the details of the jobs at Warsop and Morecambe and find the tie-ups were very similar.” [16-248-29]
I nodded my head and tried to imagine white clouds drifting through a blue sky. [28-8-6]
“Well, look through the window.” [13-64-18]
Gant stripped to his undershorts and spent the next forty minutes in a vigorous workout, culminating in a hundred sit-ups and sixty squat-jumps, invented in Marine Corps hell, called burpees. [2-340-12] An odd expression. [11-243-34] He squatted, spread one hand against the floor between his knees, and lifting himself upon it, legs drawn up, sat like a frog upon a toadstool, [8-118-4] like a shabby, mutant Rodin. [5-21-34]

0049 (strained conversation)

McCoy paced over to the desk, flopping into the chair. [17-64-10] “Now, Mr Fisher,” he said, “do I have your attention? [13-182-15] Does the name of Fellowes mean anything to you?” [16-249-2]
“Are you going to do all the talking again?” [27-70-7]
The conversation was strained, difficult. [11-242-17] He would have liked to beat him to death and beyond: to pulp him, as it were, trampling his vital organs. [8-140-19]

0051 (screen door, finding the bullet)

The bell button was behind the screen door, and not only was the screen door in place on 31 December, but it was locked fast. [8-205-15] Eva Salinas knew exactly what effect she had on people. [24-135-11] He fumbled for the key, not taking his gaze from her as she bent to take off her shoes. [21-311-19] She had spaniel eyes, a pencil behind her ear and breasts like cushions. [11-97-16] His eyes scanned the floor. [17-288-16] Not far from the door, on the floor, was a bullet. [14-10-3]
“Whoa.” [13-8-8]

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