Doing more time

0066 (serial number)

When you first hit this place, they line you up out there in the hall and you go in and there’s the big major sitting there. [4-228-31] The large man was staring again at the television. [5-38-14] “Do you have any STDs to declare? [11-245-16] I am certainly not accusing you. [8-171-21] However,” he continued, “if we examine the basic intended result of each incident, I believe you will agree that there is a remarkable similarity.” [17-63-20]
I cleared my throat. [28-2-25] “You know my name; it ain’t hard to figure out, it’s on the roll. [14-359-9] So my serial number is 233704272177. [21-260-19] Ona Move!” [15-176-3]
“When we are through with you, cock, it will be life imprisonment.” [16-44-14]

0084 (A-1 sauce)

There was a slight pause. [21-54-19] In that one line I had been tried, convicted and sentenced. [16-44-16]
I had no interest in being alone with my absence of ideas. [20-233-14] On reflection, I am surprised that I was able to keep the conversation going. [5-128-19] Like the sane people. [2-9-12]
“A-1 Sauce,” said the guard. [8-138-21] “X cannot be A and non-A, or neither A nor non-A.” [26-63-19] Again he paused, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. [17-96-1] “Tell me – you are familiar, I suppose, with the ‘threshold moment’? [23-62-5] Tell us what you know about it and we will let you work the street.” [15-152-27]
“It was a yoga thing we always did first. [28-8-7] Really, I tire of such petty attempts to test my ability.” [27-218-20]
The vision of his lips, full and brutal, drawn back over his teeth like a baying dog, was suddenly vivid in my mind. [6-136-25]
“Anyway, right now, I’ll give you the dollar tour and introduce you to people.” [11-34-27]

0111 (bullying)

Outside I tasted fresh air for the first time in days, walking round the exercise yard in convoy with what seemed like a hundred or so cons. [16-71-12] I was grabbed by two of them, one kicking my skull while the other kicked me in the balls. [15-65-1] I could hear a train in the distance. [5-152-12]
“Ouch.” [11-245-28]
The guard said “Come on, punk. [14-359-28] I smacked you because. [21-288-16] I had a friend, a guard in Huntsville, who was killed when the Churrasco gang tried to break out.” [20-236-24]
When I was a child in grade school, underweight and puny – unlikely as that seems today – I was often the target for the bullying of a certain large and muscular boy. [8-192-16]
“But I’ll tell you what I did do.” [23-236-16]

0085 (questioning)

Vitale was small and dark with deep rings beneath his eyes, [28-19-37] with his resonant, baritone voice, and his abiding interest in the human drama around him. [15-67-2] “John, what the fuck you done did now?” [14-362-18]
“Jesus. Every time I put my hand in this drawer you tense up like a chick about to take it up the arse. [5-119-26] It’s probably your imagination.” [8-201-17]
I get hauled in for questioning, strip searched, left naked in a room for about two hours, interrogated, treated, basically, like dog shit. [11-205-2] They spray you like you’re a fucken goat or something. [4-228-35]
He told me I would have to wait for the committal proceedings, when the police would present their case to the court, who in their turn would decide whether to send me for trial. [16-73-11]
“Instead of locking me in a cell, I suggest we work together.” [21-93-29]

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