City Golf Club

0045 (City Golf Club)

The City Golf Club in Fleet Street is a cavernous emporium set alongside the crypt of St Bride’s Church. [6-166-2] There are always people around, coming and going. [9-17-7]
The porter couldn’t believe that I, who looked like a bum, had an appointment with the ‘Herr Professor.’ [1-137-25]
“How’s that for an engraved invitation?” [24-264-16]
The windows were so dirty it was almost impossible to see through them. [27-35-21] An ancient, comfortable leather couch, a generous three-seater, was against one wall, under a map of the Mediterranean. [2-181-32] But what I noticed most was the fantastic heat that was radiating up from the ground. [23-84-5]
Les looked like the prototype businessman, complete with bue or gray double-breasted suits. [18-54-27] He had no little finger on his left hand and the right little finger was naturally deformed. [16-41-14] “Tell me what you know.” [25-24-20]
I tried to be as diplomatic as possible as I broke the bad news. [12-60-18] “We did have a little incident back there. [22-114-35] Serial numbers were matched with records, and people were contacted. [21-261-4] I did tell you before – but you did not want to hear me.” [30-104-28]
The blank look darkened Les’ face. “I think I know what you mean.” [17-58-17]
McCoy bit back the sarcastic comment waiting on his tongue. [7-232-36] “Do you recall what he said to you at the time?” [15-234-30]
“How bad is it?” he asked. [32-20-14]
“He has not been told the code, but we believe he may know it. [26-39-3] He was in a room with people: he said nothing, but the next week, I was taking a nap and he walked into my bedroom and apologised.” [3-163-28]
“For god’s sake, keep your voice down.” [10-155-18]
Monica said nothing. [31-58-10] The small, deep-set, chocolate eyes are curious, and if it wasn’t crazy, I’d say she really, really didn’t like me. [29-62-22] Dave looked down at the table, dipped his finger into his beer and drew a system of concentric circles. [5-62-16]
The editor seemed to shiver. “Uh-huh,” he said as an impatient waiter slid a green salad, glistening with oil, under his elbow. [8-248-35] “I don’t want to alarm you, Daniel, but you’ve got no chance of recouping your losses. [19-174-8]
“That’s what I have been told. [11-116-21] That’s why none of this made sense, until I began to look for the little things.” [28-77-7]
Perkins looked up at that, a little startled. [14-396-16] “You got a plan?” [13-121-17]

0114 (anything goes)

He drummed his fingers on the table. [12-116-20] “You really don’t know do you?” [29-36-33]
The ruthlessness that allegdly characterizes those who work in the City is not beyond our understanding. [7-47-21] I took one deep breath before continuing uncomfortably, “There was one thing I didn’t want to say in front of the others. [23-243-20] These people believe they are untouchable and they have been getting somewhat bolder recently. [25-199-14] It was pretty rough.” [4-192-61]
Anything went, [8-65-17] anything was possible; [28-2-30] The queen bee kills those who mate with her. [26-55-18] I didn’t realize it right away. [1-145-1]
“Tom, I really don’t know how to say this, but I have to. [5-216-26] This is not the sort of advice that I would usually offer but there are exceptions to every rule, and I feel that you are that exception. [32-60-8] If you’re fucking her [Nicole], you’re in trouble. [3-154-14] – Be advised that nothing said within this room is to go beyond these walls,” she added. [17-133-39]
At this point, it was obvious that the only thing for me to do was to go away. [18-123-33]

0113 (fate)

I do not believe in fate. [5-13-11] This is what happens when people feel that they have not been given the entire story – whether in Dallas or Los Angeles – they speculate and obsess forever. [3-240-26] I would have to see it happen before I could believe any of it. [4-182-5] But then reality has ceased to have much meaning for me, [23-4-4] sort of like a Beckett play. [12-165-18] I accepted the fact that reality was an illusion. [28-145-7] There are too many variables, too many paradoxes – and any discrepancy spells failure! [17-73-9]
When there is only one option, that option is the right answer. [20-232-8]

0046 (mathematics of small numbers)

I just now had a thought. [13-140-16] Everybody is hardwired to their past. [3-96-13] It was a set of habits that pervaded everything. [1-140-25] It was a strange thought to have, but I felt it was significant all the same. [16-312-33] Soon arrows ran from block to block. [11-218-27]
Inside I was a new person but nobody guessed. [6-167-21] Able to think of nothing else, do nothing else, wake elated at four in the morning and burst into tears at six in the evening. [26-48-28] No buying of postcards to send home to loved ones, no shopping trips down Oxford Street. [25-198-13]
It’s hard to continue the illogic and lose associations for any length of time, for more than a few sentences, without losing it. [19-204-5] This is known as the mathematics of small numbers. [20-232-7] You know what they say, while there’s life… [7-49-36] But that’s just stories about what happened a long time ago. [11-135-1] You had it and it was done for the moment; you waited for the reservoirs to refill. [8-61-39] Nothing more. [5-12-27]
“Anyway, there’s a story about Clive’s son. [11-135-4] It’s a story I cannot bear to hear. [28-17-25] You can do anything you want with it.” [4-171-31]

0079 (Clive’s son)

“They were told by a freelance journalist named Singular, that’s his name [Stephen Singular]. [3-197-3] I’m going to read this word for word.” [28-113-11]
“Can I quote some of this in my book?” [4-171-30]
“I would not. [23-225-21] Nothing written down.” [9-122-16]
Every rich character has a vein of negativity in him. [26-47-23] A tall guy with his overcoat buttoned to the neck, like Fester in the Addams Family movies. [2-363-3] The woods were dark at night. [12-164-17] No one spoke: moved. [7-64-2] They had no idea where they were going. [11-247-7] Was it worth it? [25-127-17]
“There’s the ocean!” Richard exclaimed. [30-132-2]
They discovered a village with little more than a street, a supermarket, cantina, fish restaurant and two small hotels but the beach had powder white sand and there was a distinct lack of tourists. [31-117-8] They stopped at Delray Beach and on the menu was grits. [6-80-19] It was a bright, sunny day and the salt smell of the sea was refreshing. [27-21-8] Just above his swim shorts, spreading the width of his back is a tattoo. [29-76-28]
So they ended up driving to the Walmart store. [21-181-33]

0074 (realism)

“I thought I saw someone. [27-117-7] I know why I am what I am. [23-236-22] Everybody has baggage, as they say, bad ‘objects’ – people and the memory of people from their earliest years and feelings.” [3-96-13]
“Those aren’t the right words,” said Dorothy, fondly, knowing that was a lost cause. [2-238-28]
“Have you ever known me to joke?” [24-30-27]
“And just what is the common denominator here?” [2-189-11]
“It takes three generations to bury a man.” [26-68-29]
The atmosphere suddenly changed – you could feel it. [25-129-17] That wasn’t an Indian trick, [11-63-21] this was an extraordinary case. [15-9-7] The wind didn’t get up at all; the sun took on a strength it had no right to that early in the year. [7-54-17] Blood has a peculiar smell. [12-85-2] The blood, the dirt, sun, all of it is so real [4-222-23] – how we going to handle that? [13-140-20] I’m also not fond of bugs, and I hate mice. [21-298-12]
Nothing that ever happened ever passed out of reality: all was still in existence, every image, every voice, all occurrences, filed away as it were, on cosmic film if you like to call it that, so long as you understood that it was in no way a representation, a re-creation, but rather actual and eternal, its temporal divisions being merely a human argument. [8-62-24] None of my dichotomies makes any sense. [20-237-22] When I reflect on this, I feel distinctly uneasy. [5-12-34] But I can report what I thought and did, what I think about these thoughts and actions today, and why I changed. [1-175-18]


“Oh” he said from within, [30-80-29]
“There is frequently very little difference between the rigor mortis on either side of the wall separating the crypt from the club.” [6-166-8]
“4, 4, 4, 4, 4. [20-87-10] There are always four of you, at any one time, of any given generation. [29-42-24] Jeremiah, four, twenty.” [26-43-31] Good-bye, presence of mind. [24-5-3]
7:35am, [10-128-2] an instant out of time reserved for someone else [17-311-1] – what Carl Jung called synchronicities. [11-173-31] Quote unquote. [21-306-6]
And finally, the chorus was over. [2-238-30] Moss and lichen were growing over it now. [27-45-12]
“Well, Mr. Decker, I am Sarge Luton. [13-120-1]
The use of the word ‘dead’ was hardly a wise and appropriate one at that particular time.” [10-69-36]

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