We commend them to the deep. [27-45-17]
“I bet my brother has a moustache, maybe even a beard.” [28-115-12]
And back there,” Sarge said, indicating the two men farther along the corridor, “are Dr. Les Tarbell, the documents expert” – I shook the hand of a small, wiry man in his middle years, whose red eyes glowed hot even when he smiled – “and Professor Julien Fouché, the molecular biologist.” [23-29-20]


It was me all right; completely unkempt, my hair a wild mass of untamed frizz; my eyes shot with red and slightly dilated; a trace of something sticky clinging unattractively to my chin. [28-3-17]


Riddle was a quiet town. [13-1-14]


The house stood empty for a while; then someone moved into it, lived there for a couple of years. [21-290-7]

(nickel ride 1)

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a series of stories in 2001 detailing how Philadelphia police physically abused arrest subjects while under transport. [15-53-2] Clegg himself could have waded nonchalantly through a reservoir o blood, so long as it had not issued from his own veins. [8-40-27]
The practice was so common it had been given a name: the nickel ride. [15-53-4] Everybody gets mad, everybody has moments when he is out of control, everybody at times breaks the law. [8-173-11]

Descriptions – women

Billie was gorgeous, the kind of girl you see on garage calendars, and Mrs. Starr, though in her forties, was still a good-looking woman: in fact, the kind I have often preferred, with a light in her skin and a body full of the ultimate but not spilling over. [8-226-34]

Food and drinks

All his gourmet paraphernalia was put away. [12-57-16]
With a lot of talk but no action, time had slipped by and Jason had all but finished his drink. [10-131-24]
His wife, white-haired and neat as a pin, had shown them in, then went off to put on a pot of coffee, just in case they weren’t sufficiently wired for the day. [21-285-11]

Dialogue bits, expletives

Stubborn SOB, Frank thought. [14-8-12]
“You must have been totally insane.” [2-316-27]
“How?” [11-134-2]
“You remember that.” [13-133-21]
“Faraday’s perhaps.” [5-31-17]
“You clown, you clown, you clown.” [18-9-5]
“You clown, you clown, you clown.” [18-8-37]
“Is that how you survive this business?” I asked. [1-129-14]
I don’t want to put him on the spot, [14-458-20]

About dialogues, comment on speaking

Starting a conversation with those words; [21-257-5] who could have resisted? [2-238-13]
Then, a few moments later, he reconsidered: [15-6-13]
The old-fashioned term gave her a brief moment of amusement. [21-257-113]
The talk was of the growing tension in Africa. [25-129-2]

Musings about others

Let the Jessups and that damned Colfax wonder what had become of him. [13-107-2]
Funny, he thought, it ain’t any distance at all across that river, but the feeling is sure different. [13-106-2]
This isn’t finished, he thought. [14-347-11]

Wanted / unwanted sex

fierce, sweaty, ecstatic, and devastating for both of them. [11-218-7]
Laying her on the bed, he spread her legs towards his tongue, leaving her helpless to contribute to the love-making. [6-92-10]
His mouth pressed against her own, finding it easily; his tongue pushed forwards as his own lips parted and he tried to move in between Alma’s. [7-29-29]


‘Want to know how to make God laugh?’ Michael repeated. [11-134-1]


Always keep the customer happy. [24-30-13]
We’ve got the time to figure ourselves out, make our rules to define who we are. [14-187-23]


He turned his back to it as he performed his excercises. [8-118-3]
With a lot of talk but no action, time had slipped by and Jason had all but finished his drink. [10-131-24]

Entries and exits

“Hello, is anybody there?” [10-69-18]

Press and media

According to the Inquirer reports, [15-53-13]

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