At large

0082 (prison memory, Corithians)

I pulled into the Exxon a couple of miles down the road from the prison. [20-119-17] Leaning over the breakfast bar reading about myself, I suddenly put the newspaper down as I remembered the words of a man I had much admired ever since I had read his speeches while in Wakefield Prison: [16-313-17] Simply a question of a missing ingredient. [12-73-27]
“What? [13-39-3] Somewhere in the Corinthians or something? [5-133-11] All he is to me is four hundred dollars.” [7-133-11]
Each is like a road map, and then you lift the little soapy dish-mop and run it around and you obliterate the cartography. [8-221-31]

0033 (meeting with wife)

Beauregard was set in twenty-two acres of rolling meadow and woodland, sloping down to the winding creek, with its own private dock, which was kind of a grand name for an L-shaped wood pier. [2-137-22] My problem was that I didn’t trust anybody other than myself and four years on my own had reinforced that belief. [16-183-26] I tried, but I couldn’t. [26-42-20] Ron, Fay, Nicole all had serious money problems; narcotic squat surveillance was closing in … a crisis was at hand. [3-164-39] During his absence I thought nothing of exploring the contents of his carrier bag, which included a textbook on medical genetics. [5-67-9] Then the coffee boy said that my wife was coming through the gate. [4-181-50]
“I’m glad to see you.” [13-90-3]
“Well, um, what do you want?” [2-409-6]
“You ever hear the expression ‘You can catch more flies with honey than Ketamine’?” [24-54-6]
The robe she wore was rumpled and her blond hair was matted, tumbling over her shoulders in disarray. [12-132-14] “Do you mind?” she asked “I have been on the road for almost two days and I’m exhausted!” [31-164-22]
A stack of Playboy magazines that I wouldn’t touch for love nor money; looks like rats have been living in them for years. [21-298-22] I said, Rats. [20-11-25] Not very poetic. [11-244-2] One has the stain of fried eggs, another the green streak of peas, a white trace of mashed potatoes with a tiny rivulet of pork gravy. [8-221-28]
“We have a friend, Meg, who’s in trouble.” [27-183-17]
“We are all orphans and outlaws here. [28-1-25] The rest dream on, drifting into service as waiters, bartenders and restaurant personnel.” [3-144-17]

0006 (remarkable evening)

Steve met James at a teenage party at an abandoned quarry in north B. at Kerns Road, where an old couch served as a perfect bench with a sweeping view of the city. [19-57-21]
So began a most remarkable evening. [23-113-4] We stayed there all night, listening to the Grateful Dead and watching the eerie glow of the single red bulb that burned through the ribbons of marijuana smoke. [28-1-26] They were bouncers in the clubs, croupiers in the casinos, managers in amusement arcades, and pimps to the girls; they were messengers and chauffeurs and bodyguards and sorters-out of trouble. [9-123-21] And I’ve seen them shoot Campho-phenique, and I’ve seen them shoot aspirin or anything they can get their hands on. [4-186-51] The rain had stopped, but the humidity was palpable. [11-180-1]
Ray was a guy who paid attention to looks. [14-1-20] Absently flipping the playing card back and forth between his fingers, he squinted through the tobacco an marijuana haze at the dark-haired Latina beauty stirring up trouble and testosterone with the seductive sway of her hips. [24-1-18] There was not the slightest question in the young man’s mind about the profound stupidity of what they had become involved in. [2-160-9] He took the rag in his hands and mopped his head with it. [13-101-15]
Everything was OK for a while. [12-1-5] “What’s the matter, Jerry?” Ray asked, interrupting the silence with a smile. “Been out tomcattin’ again? [17-301-31] Gone loco or something? [7-45-10] These people are losers, they’ll eat you up.” [3-144-32]
“I can’t say. [21-299-1] I’d almost rather do it than tell you about it.” [8-68-1]
Please, do come, Monty, I would enjoy nothing more, this evening, than a decanter of port, a plate of medlars, and your fine company.[5-47-10]

0026 (God, honesty)

These restless ‘waiters’ may find themselves working at a bistro or club that turns out to be a recruitment ground for prostitution and pornographic films, as well as a cover for drug trafficking. [3-144-23] Although the restaurant was dark the queue had to shuffle past a doorway that revealed their shapes in shilouette: haunches and paunches waiting to be serviced; monstrous outlines that could have lived for five months on their own fat; gross, sexless remnants of the fragile babes, the lean adolescents, they had once been. [6-86-25]
Sherman was Buffalo’s leading drug dealer. [28-20-12]
“God?” asked Tierney. [8-176-13] “You reckon that’s him?” [7-97-29]
She scratched her left tit, under the half-open shirt. “I don’t think so.” [2-432-28]
“Is there something I missed in the bible?” [5-133-5]
“These speculations are meaningless!” she spat out. [17-72-39]
David asked me to tell him everything about my past, right up to the present day – hurts, fears, anxieties, relationships, injustice, the lot. [16-232-2]
“I don’t know about that. [11-133-8] It’s a long story, Buff.” [13-111-36]

0099 (high)

Everybody was high then. [4-186-49] Needless to say, I was totally ignorant of the required protocol; [5-88-33] something dark and turbulent was tugging at my insides. [28-88-9] In the sky the moon was coming to the end of its first quarter and shone in a bright crescent. [7-28-6] The young man solemnly forced a slender hand into the pocket of his tight trousers and came out with two dollar bills. [8-63-8]
“There was fifty two pounds in there,” he raised his open palm under Abaline’s nose. [10-172-25]
Let Hercules himself do what he may, / The cat will mew and dog will have his day. [13-122-29]
There was no sign of a dog. [27-58-20]
“I’ll give you a shot of coenthal now, Dane,” he explained. [17-91-17]

0072 (woman in space)

I should have told him. [14-8-10] So much for dismissing the matter. [17-2-21] I turned to Sherman, an anticipatory smile on my lips. [28-89-2] “Welcome to the proceedings.” [16-299-29]
The cover of Nature unfortunately carried a picture that caught the gentleman’s interest. [5-57-22] Sickening. [26-48-27]
“Oy vey,” groaned David. “First we have a woman floating in space, now we have some fellow arriving on the scene, but we don’t know how?” [22-51-9] He knew only too well how dangerous Bundy had become, between Faye’s drug use and Nicole’s forays into sex. [3-165-35]
“Looks sort of like McKuen only better.” [12-93-22]
Behind this confrontation, Betty said: “He wanted me to pee on him.” [8-68-10]
“Who…?” [7-29-21]
Suddenly her mind embraced an image of riding … on Alex Turman. [11-244-4] That done, she would try to find Will Milam. [13-100-11] Her heartbeat was fast and heavy as adrenaline pumped through her. [21-240-33]


Monday was cold and foggy. [27-60-6] Time and time and time. [7-119-17] And this time, [15-6-10] it might snow for days and arrest all movement. [8-61-9] Not just yet. [13-140-16] Whatever. [11-218-11]